We specialize in intergenerational wealth and family financial planning

We work to ensure your wealth remains sustainable through your retirement and the generations that follow. Our experience has shown us that effective tax management is critical to leaving a legacy that will benefit your loved ones. Our team will help free you to enjoy life today while looking forward to the future.

We believe in the power of financial advice to change lives for the better. Our comprehensive solutions address:


Tax Planning

As your wealth grows, your tax situation typically gets more complex. Our holistic planning approach helps you create a financial plan that not only achieves your financial goals but also helps minimize your overall tax burden – both now and through your retirement.


Estate Planning

As a high net-worth individual, you have unique requirements and significant assets to manage. Incorporation can also add a level of complexity to estate planning. We can help you take the right steps to minimize the impact of taxes on your estate, while ensuring your wishes are fulfilled.


Charitable Giving

It’s rewarding to be in a position to help others in a significant way – all it takes is a clear sense of purpose and proper tax and estate planning. With a strategic, tax-efficient approach to charitable giving, you can ensure your giving is as impactful as possible.


Insurance Planning

Insurance provides more than just peace of mind and security. It’s also an opportunity to save more for retirement or leave more of your wealth, tax-free, to the people and causes you care about most. Whether you own life insurance personally or in a professional corporation, you can use it to build your wealth through tax advantages and income strategies.



It takes a careful mix of expert financial knowledge and agility to get the best from today’s markets. That’s why IG Wealth Management has developed iProfile Private Pools, a managed asset program that helps investors maintain optimal diversification among different asset classes and management styles based on their personal risk tolerance and investment goals.