Four years ago, Mike and Keri S. attended a presentation given by Irene Vassalo on retirement planning. They were impressed by her knowledge of the retirement planning process and equally struck by her understanding of the challenges people can face when contemplating retirement after years of hard work.

“Her presentation was very thorough and gave us an overview dating back to 1928 of how markets have gone through ups and downs but still gain value over time,” says Mike, a career police officer who is planning to retire next year. She offered solid insights into retirement planning and money management that resonated with Mike and Keri.

“We appreciated her plain language approach to explaining financial terms and the fact that she took questions and responded fully to each one,” he says.

“When we meet with her, usually twice annually, she is always prompt and greets us personally in her reception area. She gives us her full attention – she doesn’t take phone calls or shift her focus on us for the hour we are together.”

Irene’s down-to-earth approach to financial management and the care she takes to clearly communicate investment strategies is another reason Mike and Keri feel so comfortable entrusting their financial future to her and her team.

“I initially found the thought of retiring a little scary,” says Mike. He was also wondering, “Will there be enough money to see us through?” 

“The answer is ‘Yes,’ “ says Mike. “Irene put our retirement savings and financial jigsaw puzzle together for us, one piece at a time.”

She also gives Mike and Keri peace of mind by drawing on the resources within IG Private Wealth Management with the objective to generate investment returns that will supplement Mike’s pension. In addition to helping them with a thorough financial plan, Irene has guided Mike and Keri through many decisions, including ones that led to the creation of a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), which avoided the need to cash out their Locked-In Retirement Account (LIRA) early. She has helped them create a spousal Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), RRSP and introduced them to some profitable equity investments.

“Irene is always well-prepared for each meeting and up to date with our evolving financial needs. She knows us well and always considers our risk comfort levels. We have both benefited since we began working with her and her team,” says Mike.

Mike takes comfort in being able to “do more” with his income than before Mike and Keri started working with Irene. “Our TFSA, spousal RRSP and other financial tools, combined with Irene’s expertise, have given us the freedom to live our lives without undue worry about the future. I wish I had known Irene 20 years ago.”