Gopal P. has been client of IG with Vassalo & Associates since 2018. Following a long career as a sales and marketing executive in the food service and hospitality industry where working under pressure was often part of the job, Gopal was quickly impressed with Irene’s natural, empathetic approach to building relationships with people.

He gained his first impression of Irene and her team during a series of investment and financial seminars containing ideas and tips for investors with varying levels of knowledge. “I quickly understood that Irene is very committed to helping people take charge of their finances while having time to pursue other interests they enjoy."

He was also impressed by her mastery of the financial planning and wealth management process and the lack of pressure to become a client when he attended her introductory seminars. “The seminars were relaxing and informative, and I soon found that working together, Irene is the same relaxed, professional she was in her seminars."

Gopal and Irene have met four times since he became a client.

“Very soon after we began working together, Irene helped me develop a comprehensive financial plan,” says Gopal, “It provides a disciplined approach to managing my immediate and long-term financial picture and gives me a sense of control over my life and financial future.”

Numerous client surveys within the Canadian financial services industry identify consultants’ ability to return client calls in a timely fashion and their ability to listen as key reasons clients choose to invest with them. Gopal notes that Irene is an excellent listener and bases her decisions on his unique financial planning and life goals, as opposed to proposing one-size-fits-all solutions.

He also appreciates Irene and her team’s responsiveness. “They manage key administrative details efficiently and are always proactive. I also take comfort in the fact that Irene sees me as a person with goals and dreams versus a file. I never hesitate to call when I have a question about any aspect of my financial affairs.”