The clients we serve tend to be like us: collaborative, responsive and committed to achieving a positive outcome in every aspect of their lives. As an affluent person you may be seeking a committed and knowledgeable voice of reason to help you grow, protect and share your wealth through a financial strategy designed specifically for you.

Health care professionals

As a health care professional, you face business challenges that other entrepreneurs do not. Caring for patients and staying current with medical advancements leaves little time to focus on the financial aspects of the business, or your present and future wealth management needs. The complexity of your wealth-related decisions also tends to grow with your practice. We can help you establish — and stay on track with — wealth management strategies that suit your busy life and unique circumstances.

Business owners and entrepreneurs

From startup, to restructuring, to sale, we work with business owners and entrepreneurs across a range of industries to create and protect value in their businesses. And we will help you use that value to maintain your lifestyle now and into retirement, making sure the business you’ve worked so hard to build, keeps working for you.


As you’ve moved up the corporate ladder, the complexity of your financial situation — which might now include holdings in various pension plans, short- and long-term stock incentives, and taxable benefits — has likely increased in step. So has the complexity of your tax return. We specialize in tackling complexity to provide a clear path to a comfortable retirement and attain your other financial goals. Our team, backed by regional and head office experts, can show you the way.