Kathryn W. has been a client of IG with Vassalo & Associates for seven years that have seen her face several challenging life changes – including a costly separation, debilitating cancer treatments, eldercare, a car accident and the time and effort required to revise her business model.

“Irene Vassalo is my voice of reason. She guided me through some difficult times by helping me to plan and manage my financial needs, navigate my aging parents’ journey and help my daughter manage money as she begins her career,” says Kathryn. “I could never have done it on my own.”

Kathryn’s sister and husband, also Vassalo & Associates clients, suggested she meet with Irene after suddenly becoming a single parent after 27 years of marriage and being faced with financial challenges, including a struggle to keep her home.

Kathryn appreciated Irene’s financial knowledge and empathy from their first meeting and has benefited from those qualities ever since. Irene helped her organize her own finances, and also guided her through crucial health care documents and estate management issues for her aging parents. Kathryn’s daughter has also gained from Irene’s coaching on managing money and getting started in her first job.