Patricia W. uses the term, “gold standard” to describe the level of service she has received from Irene Vassalo and her team since becoming a client four years ago. “Irene is very proactive when it comes to helping me with my financial affairs,” says Patricia.

“While looking after important, ongoing details relating to my investments and overall financial plan, I can count on Irene to reach out to me on a regular basis to see if anything has changed or needs to be addressed. She gets things done.”

At her first meeting with Irene, Patricia, who is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), was pleased to quickly realize that Irene was interested in learning about her as a person while gaining an understanding of her financial situation.

When they met again shortly after, Irene presented her with a plan that captured not only essential financial planning strategies but reflected Patricia’s unique life and financial goals.
“Irene has helped me with a variety of my financial needs,” says Patricia. “For example, she ensured that my beneficiaries were confirmed and has managed bank account changes and scheduling appointments. Irene always takes full accountability for looking after details.”

Another example of Irene’s attention to detail involved the transfer of proceeds from exercising share options into her Registered Retirement Savings Plan and bank account. Irene recommended another IG Private Wealth Management professional who specializes in this area and stayed in close touch with Patricia throughout the transfer process.

While many investors are overwhelmed with investment information (or feel less informed than they’d like), Patricia also benefits from Vassalo & Associates’ client newsletters and market updates. “I appreciate her well-written investment pieces, which help keep me updated on economic and market information that I use in my role as a CPA. They are concise and timely and I read every one,” she says.

She is looking forward to eventually working with Irene to address her trust and estate planning goals and strategies. “Irene really understands who I am and my life goals. I know that with her usual expertise and empathy, the trust and estate planning process we’ll work through together will be a productive and enjoyable one.”