Twenty years ago, Gerry C. was shopping at a local mall when he noticed Irene Vassalo standing behind Vassalo & Associates information table chatting with passersby about their financial goals. They struck up a conversation and Gerry was immediately impressed by her financial knowledge, friendly manner and genuine interest in the young family. Shortly after, Sylvia and Gerry invited Irene to their home where they spoke further.

“One of the first things Irene did for us was set up Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for our daughter. She explained everything so clearly and put the RESP in place so efficiently that we decided to work with her going forward in addressing all our financial needs”, says Sylvia.

When Gerry retired, he received stock options from his employer and sought Irene’s advice about whether to keep them in his portfolio or divest some, or all, of them.

“Irene introduced us to another professional at IG Private Wealth Management who had been following the stock and was able to make an informed (and ultimately correct) decision about what to do with the shares,” Gerry says. “We continue to appreciate the ongoing level of care we receive at IG Private Wealth Management that ensures our portfolios are well-balanced and reflect our risk tolerance and tax management needs.”

The couple also benefits from Irene’s personable, “client first” approach that makes them feel they are among her only clients.
“Irene and her team are always informed, whether in the case of telephone calls we have when something comes up or when we meet every six months,” says Sylvia.

"She is always prepared for our meetings and is very punctual, which Gerry and I appreciate. Perhaps best of all, she is a very good listener and takes the time to explain concepts and details in plain language and avoids industry jargon.”

Irene and her team prepare monthly status reports for the couple that give them the essential information they need at a glance, from investment performance updates to the status of their respective Wills and insurance and estate plans. “It’s invaluable for us to know exactly where we stand at all times. And if we have straight forward or more complex questions, we never hesitate to call Irene or her team,” says Sylvia.

Gerry says the couple never thought they would experience the peace of mind they’ve found since they started working with Irene. “She and her team have always treated us and our grown children like family. We are all delighted with our experience at IG with Vassalo & Associates.”